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February 15, 2021
Revolutionary New Way to Help People Go Vegan Launches has launched with more than 50 curated guides designed to answer common questions on nearly every aspect of how to go vegan.

VegResources was created to help vegans and non-vegans alike find answers to any questions they have about going vegan. The site provides a unique way to help people find support at their own pace, and it is a great resource for existing vegans and animal activists to use in their outreach.

"The launch of VegResources fills the need for a searchable vegan welcome packet that makes it easy to give every new vegan all the information they need to be successful with one link," said Jason Schramm, Veg Groups Founder. "There are so many great resources to help people go vegan, but until now it could feel overwhelming to sort through them all to find the support each person needs. Now you can just type in a question as you think of it and find guides that have been created to answer that question."

VegResources has collected the best existing resources from around the Internet and compiled them into easy-to-use guides designed to answer specific questions people may have about how to go vegan. They have reviewed hundreds of articles and other resources to pick out a select few that help best answer each guide's main topic. This way visitors can learn as they go along on their journey, without having to spend a lot of time searching the Web.

And activists no longer need to spend precious time helping people answer the same questions over and over again. Now they can send people directly to the guide created to help answer a specific question like "How do I get enough protein?" or "How do I replace cheese?" or "How do I get vegan meals at non-vegan restaurants?". They can also send people to the VegResources homepage where visitors can easily find their way to answers as they come up with new questions to ask. Activists can then focus on the hard work of getting people to commit to making changes while VegResources focuses on the "How" of making those changes.

Key features of VegResources:

  • More than 50 guides designed to answer any question a new vegan has.
  • Built-in search that understands questions and suggests related guides.
  • Lists of related guides at the bottom of each guide.
  • Searchable directory of more than 100 vegan podcasts.
  • Ability to suggest new guides that should be added.

VegResources is easily accessed on mobile devices or desktop computers by going to

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Veg Groups builds websites to help people go vegan or stay vegan. Our goal is to meet people where they are and encourage them to make changes that will help animals, the environment, humanity, and their own health. We do this through the operation of,,, and