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We build websites to help people make compassionate lifestyle choices. Our goal is to meet people where they are and encourage them to make changes that will help animals, the environment, humanity, and their own health.

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Veg Events
Veg Events is the largest free worldwide plant-based and vegan event calendar. Veg Events promotes veganism by connecting people with vegan events worldwide and providing resources to event organizers. Our free "The Weekly Agenda" newsletter emails subscribers once a week with a list of vegan events near them. Visit Website

Veg Resources is your digital vegan welcome packet. We provide vegans, vegetarians, new vegans, and the veg-curious with an easy to use list of all the greatest vegan websites. These links are the ones we wish we knew about when we started. Visit Website

Tech For Animals
Tech For Animals is an online group that helps connect tech talent with organizations that are helping animals and in need of skilled volunteer talent. People and organizations can ask questions or post projects they need help with in Design, Software Engineering, Marketing, PR, and more. Visit Website
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