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July 7, 2020 Launches, Creating the Largest Directory of Vegan-Friendly Movies With Over 200, the largest vegan-friendly movie directory, launched today with over 200 movies. VegMovies has been designed to help vegans and non-vegans alike find an animal-friendly film to watch or recommend.

VegMovies will list most movies that have a vegan message, a vegan character, the goal of reducing or exposing animal suffering and exploitation, a focus on climate change, or a focus on sustainability that does not specifically recommend consuming or exploiting animals.

"The launch of VegMovies has been three years in the making," said Jason Schramm, Founder, Veg Groups. "There are so many great movies that are animal-oriented or have a vegan focus, but it can be hard to filter through all of the choices. Until now there hasn't been a single place where all of the movies could be easily found. Somewhere that was constantly updated with the latest objective information on each film and where to watch them."

VegMovies makes it easy for visitors to find a movie to watch for themselves or recommend to others. It is an important tool that animal advocates can use in supporting their outreach efforts. And it is useful for vegan families who want to watch a film with their children that aligns with their beliefs. The number of listed movies will keep growing and listings will be updated as information changes.

The VegMovies search page makes it easy to filter through the directory and only see the movies you are interested in. Each movie listing includes:

  • Running time.
  • Genre (ie: Comedy, Documentary, Family, Series, Short Film).
  • Plot summary.
  • A detailed list of focus areas to tell you what topics the movie covers.
  • A button to watch the trailer without leaving VegMovies.
  • Warnings if the trailer or movie itself has any graphic content, along with descriptions of the content so you can decide if you want to watch it.
  • Information on how to learn more about the movies that are coming soon or need support.
  • Links to watch the film online or buy the film.
  • Information on how to host a screening.
  • Testimonials from visitors who have been positively impacted by the movie.

Another exciting aspect of VegMovies is the homepage highlighting of movies that are coming soon or need support. This will enable new movies to reach a wider audience. And it will help filmmakers get the support they need for films that are in production and need funding or other types of support.

VegMovies is easily accessed on mobile devices or desktop computers by going to

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