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Introducing Tech For Animals

Tech For Animals is a new project we just started to help animal organizations find skilled volunteers and paid personnel in our increasingly connected and online world. We have setup a website at www.techforanimals.org and a Facebook group where organizations and tech volunteers can interact. Any organization whose mission isRead More

Introducing VegMovies.com

VegMovies.com is a new project we’re working on. It will be the largest directory of plant-based and vegan movies. And it will share news about vegan movies. Our goals with the site: Help people find vegan-friendly movies to watch or share (from 101 Dalmatians and Chicken Run to Earthlings andRead More

Introducing Veg Groups

Welcome to Veg Groups. Veg Groups is a free online directory of animal, environmental, health, vegan, and vegetarian groups. Our goal is to help connect you and your passions with other like-minded people. We often hear things like “there are no animal welfare groups near me” or “I don’t knowRead More