Veg Groups develops websites to help people go vegan and stay vegan. Our main product is a free veg event calendar at www.MustLoveVeg.com that helps people find vegan or vegetarian events near them.

~ The Veg Groups Team


Supporting Veg Groups

We want to help people meet others with common values. And we want to do it for free.

If you find value in the work we do and want to help support us you can send us a monetary gift here or you can send us a check made out to:

Veg Groups, LLC
5305 Village Center Drive, Suite 293
Columbia, MD 21044

It isn’t required and it isn’t tax deductible. Any funds will be used toward running and promoting our sites, building new sites, and buying kale.

We promise not to sell or give away your info. And we won’t send you physical mail due to your support. This could be a nice way to support Veg Groups, LLC, if you find value in what we do.


The Veg Groups Network

    • Must Love Veg – a free veg event calendar
    • Tech For Animals – helps connect tech talent with organizations that are helping animals and in need of skilled volunteer talent