Are you interested in finding groups that help animals, the environment, or your health?

Veg Groups is a free online directory of animal, environmental, health, vegan, and vegetarian groups. We started in June of 2016 with the mission of connecting people with worthy causes, charities, and groups near them. Our goal is to help connect you and your passions with other like-minded people.

We often hear things like “there are no animal welfare groups near me” or “I don’t know any other vegans/vegetarians” or “I want to get involved helping [insert cause] but I don’t know where to start”. With Veg Groups our hope is that people can easily search for the groups near them that they are interested in and meet other people. A group can be a Meetup group, a Facebook community, an animal sanctuary, a non-profit that helps animals, a meditation group, a group holding monthly healthy potlucks, and anything in-between.

Every month we highlight a different animal or veg charity in our newsletter and in our blog.

Anyone may add a new group that they know about by clicking the “Add Group” link to create a new listing. And group owners can claim and edit a listing by creating a free account and selecting the “Claim” button on a listing.

Please contact us if you have any issues with a listing or something else on this site.

And check out the veg resources page if you need tips and guidance on going veg.

~ The Veg Groups Team


Supporting Veg Groups

We want to help people meet others with common values. And we want to do it for free.

If you find value in the work we do and want to help support us you can send us a monetary gift here or you can send us a check made out to:

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It isn’t required and it isn’t tax deductible. And 50% of any and all funds we receive each month will be donated to the Veg Groups Charity of the Month. And the rest of the funds will be used toward running and promoting our sites, building new sites, and buying kale.

We promise not to sell or give away your info, not even to the charity of the month. And we won’t send you physical mail due to your support. This could be a nice way to support Veg Groups, LLC and the Veg Groups Charity of the Month, if you don’t require a tax deduction for your support.


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