Veg Groups January Newsletter

What’s new with Veg Groups?

We’ve decided to hold off on building so that we can expand Must Love Veg internationally. We also started to help animal groups connect to tech talent for help with their websites and social media presence.


What’s new with Must Love Veg? is a free worldwide event calendar that is focused on helping people find vegan and vegetarian events near them. By the end of 2017 we stripped out the membership feature and cleaned up the site to focus exclusively on events. This has also enabled us to start adding more veg events from anywhere in the world!

  • We took out the membership feature to focus on events.
  • We have over 4,700 upcoming events on the calendar from over 800 groups across the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Spain, Thailand, and more!
  • Our Twitter account now has over 700 followers.
  • Our Facebook page still needs some love.

What’s Tech For Animals?

Tech For Animals is a Facebook group that we created to help connect tech talent with organizations that are helping animals and in need of skilled volunteer talent. People and organizations can ask questions or post projects they need help with in Design, Software Engineering, Marketing, PR, and more. It’s not specifically vegan focused because we want to reach the most people possible who can help organizations. There are close to 200 members of the group already and several organizations have posted tech job openings and projects they need help with.


Spread the word

Must Love Veg: Please tell your friends about Must Love Veg, and even your enemies. We built a great resource and now people need to know about it. Click here to share Must Love Veg on Facebook. You can also find us on Facebook here. And we’re now on Twitter here!

Tech For Animals: Please share the website with anyone you know in technology or who is involved with animal orvegan groups.


Know a veg group? Let us know

Please contact us if you know of a Meetup group or Facebook page that hosts vegan or vegetarian events so that we can add them to Must Love Veg.


Conferences in 2018

February 2-11: The Real Truth About Health Free 10 Day Conference (Online and in Melville, NY)
February 15-25: Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise (out of Miami, FL)
March 17: Plant-Powered Women Leadership Conference Sydney (Sydney, Australia)
April 7: Anti-Fur Society Conference ( New York, NY)
May 19-21: Plant-Based Prevention of Disease Conference (Raleigh, NC)

June 28 – July 1: Animal Rights 2018 National Conference (Los Angeles, CA)

July 4 – 8: Vegetarian Summerfest (Johnstown, PA)

More will be added to the list over time.


Online Events in January

January 4: Mindfulness Supports Our Activism
January 6: 
Vegan Tee Shirt Day
January 11: Vegan Spirituality Online Gathering
January 24: Plant Based Nutrition topics with Rhonda
January 27: A Discussion of Strategy in Animal Advocacy with Dr. Casey Taft and Tobias Leenaert
February 2: Vegan Tee Shirt Day


Festivals in January & February

There are a bunch of great VegFests coming up in January and February:

January 6: Brooklyn, NY
January 20: Boca Raton, FL
January 20-21: Scottsdale, AZ; Sedona, AZ
January 28: Bonita Springs, FL; London, England
February 8: Royal Oak, MI
February 17: Gainesville, FL; Kalamazoo, MI; San Luis Obispo, CA
February 24: Phoenix, AZ

To see these and more VegFests check out our festivals page!

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